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Are you fed up with buying products that don’t live up to the quality they promise? Do you notice inconsistencies between the barcode you’ve created on screen and the barcode you’ve printed? Many labeling software applications using Windows printer drivers claim to create high quality barcodes. However, only TEKLYNX can guarantee the quality and accuracy required in your printed labels. TEKLYNX’ custom developed label printer drivers offer the highest level of accuracy for printing barcodes, which cannot be achieved using Windows printer drivers.

What is a Printer Driver?

A printer driver is the translator between your software and your printer. It takes what you see on the screen and translates it into the proper printer language. There are two different kinds of printer drivers:

  • True Windows printer drivers
  • Embedded printer drivers

A Windows printer driver is compatible with a wide variety of software. Although this may initially seem attractive, these drivers are not developed for quality but rather for quantity.

Windows printer drivers are not specifically developed to print barcode labels. When you print barcodes using these drivers, the barcode symbologies and resident fonts used in your design are ignored by the printer and a close approximation of your design is printed. This is why TEKLYNX invests heavily to ensure you have the best quality and accuracy for your barcode labels.

An embedded printer driver, such as those developed exclusively by TEKLYNX, is a driver developed to work specifically with a software application and is built into the software. Our embedded label printer drivers allow you to take advantage of the resident fonts and barcode symbologies. Windows printer drivers do not. In addition, our label printer drivers offer over 100 barcode symbologies so even if your printer wasn’t designed to print barcodes, you will still get highly accurate results printing labels from TEKLYNX software. TEKLYNX has developed drivers for over 2,800 printer models.

Don’t let Windows printer drivers limit your label printing. With TEKLYNX software, there are no limitations. You can use Windows printer drivers but can also benefit from the full power and flexibility of our embedded drivers. When you use TEKLYNX label printer drivers, you can use all of the features of your chosen printer and ensure that you have created and printed the most accurate labels for your business needs.


TEKLYNX doesn’t cut corners and reuse existing driver development. We dedicate the necessary time and money to develop the best label printer drivers for our software. Here are some myths and the truth about labeling software and the benefits of TEKLYNX drivers.

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

Myth: Other labeling software companies that use Windows printer drivers claim to offer the highest level of accuracy.

Truth: TEKLYNX drivers print labels that are identical to what you’ve created on screen. We ensure accuracy down to the smallest details. When you use Windows printer drivers, you compromise this accuracy which results in label reprints, errors in customer orders, and loss of production time.

Accuracy in your label printing should not be a bonus feature – it is an absolute requirement. TEKLYNX knows this and works hard to ensure that our label printer drivers give you the results you need. We know that you do not have the time and money to waste recreating and reprinting labels using Windows printer drivers.

Barcode labeling requires perfection down to the smallest detail. Figure 1 shows a comparison between on-screen label designs and a scan of a printed label, using TEKLYNX software and a competitive application. Which do you think is more accurate?

True WYSIWYG with Teklynx developed drivers

Figure 1: Comparison of on-screen accuracy


Myth: Other labeling software companies claim to have faster and simpler installation processes.

Truth: TEKLYNX label printer drivers only take 20 seconds to fully install, while other labeling software can take up to 15 minutes for each driver.

Why the difference? TEKLYNX label printer drivers are supplied with the purchase of our labeling software. Other labeling applications require users to download printer drivers from the Internet rather than providing them with the software. Many of these drivers are very hard to actually find, making it a very difficult and frustrating process.

Nobody wants to suffer through a long, complicated installation process, so TEKLYNX has made it as easy as it can possibly be. Figure 2 shows the length of the TEKLYNX label printer driver installation process compared to other labeling applications.

Teklynx installation

Figure 2: Installation Process Comparison

Driver Development

Myth: Other labeling software companies work with global barcode standardization groups to develop new standard barcode symbologies.

Truth: While it may be true that our competitors do work with the barcode standardization groups, only TEKLYNX works with them and develops new label printer drivers to specifically address the new regulations. We make sure that the new standards are implemented in our drivers ourselves, rather than leaving it up to Microsoft to do it for us like other labeling software. As you can tell from Figure 1, leaving driver development up to others is a huge disadvantage to the quality of your prints. Our driver development makes it very easy for our customers to purchase and install new printers due to the vast amount of drivers we have created for many different printer manufacturers and models. With developed label printer drivers for over 2,800 printer models and more always being created, there is no shortage of options. Continuing driver development at TEKLYNX is a high priority, and all of our label printer drivers ensure that the integrity of the barcodes you have created according to your industry’s regulations is maintained in the printing process.

Print Speed

Myth: Windows printer drivers print faster than embedded drivers.

Truth: Our printing speed is just as fast, if not faster, than any other labeling application. You can print individual labels or labels in a series with speed and precision. You can move on to other tasks without worrying about your print project taking too much time. With TEKLYNX label printer drivers, you can choose to use the Windows spooler available with all software, or use any other spooler type available to you as a printing option. This can only be done with TEKLYNX drivers.

As an added advantage, if you combine our CODESOFT labeling software with SENTINEL for printing automation, you have the ability to print to hundreds of printers. SENTINEL effectively automates your production with 24-hour uptime. SENTINEL does all of this with a very low maintenance. Once SENTINEL set up, it continues to flawlessly run as you’ve defined it. For a full description of SENTINEL, visit www.teklynx.com/sentinel.


Myth: Windows printer drivers offer all the flexibility and security you need.

Truth: Flexibility with Windows drivers is very limited in comparison to the label printer drivers developed by TEKLYNX. Only the drivers developed by TEKLYNX can offer you the flexibility and security you need.

TEKLYNX knows that your hard work can be ruined by someone making a simple mistake and that is why we make sure our drivers are secure. This prevents users from changing printer settings and causing issues with the results of your print jobs. Your entire setup is maintained and you can operate using the settings you want. Because our drivers are embedded in our software, they use the security settings from the software itself. This allows great flexibility for your business and it controls who has the ability to change certain settings. Windows printer drivers offer either full access or no access. Access levels cannot be customized per user. If a user with full access changes one small setting in your print definitions, all of your print jobs can be affected and fines can be incurred for the errors that result.


Myth: TEKLYNX’s relationship with Microsoft is not as strong as our competitors’.

Truth: TEKLYNX is currently the only labeling software editor to attain Microsoft Front Runner status, and also holds a Gold Certified Partnership. Note that this is a partnership, meaning that we work very closely together towards creating solutions to meet our customers’ needs; we do not depend on Microsoft to create a solution for us – as do other labeling software companies.

One of the many benefits of this partnership is early access to the latest technologies. This allows us to develop drivers as new technologies come to market and keep up with market demands. When TEKLYNX label printer drivers are up-to-date, so is your system. We also gain expertise through this partnership, which helps us provide our customers with the best possible service. Our partnership with Microsoft gives us the edge in innovation and connection. We have the ability to be more creative in finding solutions to our customers’ everyday needs.


At the end of the day, it’s all about our customers’ needs. TEKLYNX is always working to find and develop the best solutions. You can be sure that the software and label printer drivers you’re getting from TEKLYNX are of the highest quality. There is a reason why the TEKLYNX motto is Setting the Standard, because that’s exactly what we do. No other labeling software company can say the same.

To see a complete list of our label printer drivers, visit www.teklynx.com/drivers.

If you want to learn more about our products and solutions from TEKLYNX, call us office in your region.

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