Trapped by printer code?

Are you locked into a specific printer because your company’s ERP, WMS, or other internal systems are built to communicate in a very specific printer language?

This can be extremely frustrating to those who may want to expand to alternate printers or printing options. SENTINEL, TEKLYNX’ label printing automation software, can interpret the printer code and allow  CODESOFT end users the flexibility to send data to nearly any printer, opening up doors for added printer support, accuracy, and efficiency. Request a free demonstration today

SENTINEL offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Database connectivity
  • Flexibility to select an unlimited number of printers
  • Print automation
  • Integration with other systems in addition to ERP
  • Powerful design capabilities of CODESOFT

You’re halfway there by using CODESOFT. Request a free demo today and see how SENTINEL can help overcome the printer code trap.