Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)


SMA in a few words

An SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) is the most valuable feature of your product purchase. It protects you against technological advances such as new industry drivers, new OS releases or a change of PC by providing you with access to TEKLYNX software updates for any product with a valid SMA.

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SMA Policy

The SMA is an annual contract. Your first year of SMA is included with every new perpetual license.*
Two types of SMA contracts are available.

Provides the user with access, at no extra cost, to version updates while the SMA is valid.

Provides the user with access, at no extra cost, to version updates and technical support
while the SMA is valid.

*For VM products, special conditions apply. Contact TEKLYNX in your region for more details.


How to renew your SMA

To renew an SMA, contact your usual reseller, or if you don’t know who your reseller is, contact TEKLYNX in your region.

TEKLYNX sends renewal reminders to resellers 75 days before each SMA’s expiry date, so that resellers can propose renewal to their customers.

WARNING: Failure to renew your SMA will make you ineligible for future software updates for the license concerned.


How to update your software using your SMA contract

  1. Initial requirement
    Your SMA must be valid. No update will be provided if the SMA has expired.

    Click here to check the status of an SMA

  2. When can I request an update?
    An update should only be requested when the user requires the update. If you are updating a Software Key protected product, the timing is crucial, as the old license must be deactivated and proof of deactivation must be returned to your reseller or to TEKLYNX.

  3. Where do I request an update?
    Customers should request updates at the same place they usually place orders.

    End-users: please contact your usual reseller or, if you don’t know who your reseller is, you can contact TEKLYNX directly.

    Send update requests to TEKLYNX Customer Care in your region:




    Western Europe +33 (0) 562 601 080

    Northern, Central & Eastern Europe +49 (0) 2103 2526 0

    Middle East & Africa +33 (0) 562 601 080

    Asia Pacific +65 6908 0960

  4. What information is required for an update?

    Hardware Key protected product (USB or Parallel)

    Software Key protected product
      The update request must include:

    • Email address (where the upgrade code will be sent to)
    • License serial number

        The license serial number is delivered with the product.

    • For license serial numbers starting with NSP: the Password. For all other serial numbers (non-NSP): either the Activation Code or the Product Code.

        The Password (for NSP products) or Activation Code (for non-NSP products) is delivered with the product.

        The Product Code (for non-NSP products) can be found by launching the “Upgrade Manager” tool on the computer where the product is activated.

    • You must also specify whether:

      a) you will be using your TEKLYNX software in a virtual environment, and
      b) what type of license you want.
      For the types of license available, go to Products / Licensing Options.


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